Friday, January 22, 2010

Let the Renovations Begin

Before I show you some pictures, I just need to complain for a minute. I spilled half my coffee this morning (over some students' quizzes- oops!) and so I haven't had my full cup. I'm very sad. :( Hopefully, you've had some, though, and are having a terrific Friday.

Note- as I wrote this- one of my students, who works in our school's coffee shop, just brought me a cup as a thank you for something else. Hooray!

Anyway, a while ago I wrote about how Rachel Anne inspired me to make my Home a sanctuary. Since then, I've been doing my minimal maintenance as often as possible and really, overall, having a great attitude about the house. I've also been reading at lots of other people's blogs about what they do, too, and getting very inspired and encouraged.... isn't bloggie world wonderful? (I only wish I had a little more time to spend visiting!)

Well, Husband and I have been talking, and as we think we're going to stay in our townhouse for several more years, we're going to put some time into making it a little bit nicer and have a little investment- nothing too big, just enough to add to the house. We have decided to start with the kitchen and dining room, giving them a face lift.

Dining Room, pre-floor face lift

notice the boxes of laminate flooring waiting to be installed

Kitchen- alas, we can't replace the counter with the broken laminate, but it's minor

our white cabinets without handles show EVERY bit of dirt and yuck you can imagine.

We're taking the 1985 linoleum out of the kitchen and the carpet out of the dining room and putting in wood-laminate floors, we're painting the cabinets and adding hardware so that not every smudge of yuckiness shows on them, and, the coolest of all cool things, getting a new sink to replace the old yucky ceramic white one that has chips and rust and is impossible to keep clean.

our 1985 linoleum kitchen floor that has gouges in it and is impossible to keep clean

But money is tight. So all we asked for for Christmas was the Home Depot, which is what we got- well- gift cards, anyway.

With that money, we've already bought the floor, which is in boxes in the dining room to be installed after the painting happens, and Husband just started working on taking the cabinet doors off and removing the old paint. We're still working on picking colors and hardware, but that will happen soon. The sink, although I really wanted one, was at the bottom of our list, because we couldn't really afford one and ours works fine, but Father-in-law, a contractor, found us a new stainless steel single basin (what I really wanted) $500 value sink for $90. Can you believe it!!!!! Thanks, Father-in-law, and God!

Back to my original point. I've been trying to make my home a sanctuary. Right now, it's anything but a sanctuary, and I can only imagine it will get a little (or a lot) worse before it gets better..... but I'm going to be pretty excited about the end result.

When I came home from work yesterday, Husband had already started the project- tomorrow I'll put away all my "trinkets" so they don't get yucky.

Will keep you posted!


  1. Aw. Congrats on your renovation. What color will your kitchen be? Also, if you have a Habitat for Humanity Restore in your area, that is a great place to buy home stuff cheap. I saw Bruce hardwood for $2/sq ft. They have everything from door handles to windows to toilets! And all proceeds go to Habitat.

    Don't forget to stop and stretch in between working on the remodel so you won't get sore Monday!

  2. good luck on the face lifts! sometimes it's the smallest things that make the biggest differences (like paint)

  3. I'm so excited about your facelift, Beth. I knew about the floor but not the cabinets or sink. It's gonna look awesome!!!!

    Hooray! I wanna renovate now...

  4. It's very exciting to start a should help staying in the town house longer a bit easier to be sure. Enjoy!

  5. Can't wait to see the finished product! Or even half-way through. Hang in there...
    Maybe we can do our biblestudy on thankfulness. We could meet in your kitchen and be thankful for each stage of the project!
    Easy for me to say, since I don't live in it...

  6. Wonderful plans!!! We had a kitchen that we gave a face lift to. Painted, put on new knobs, new light fixture, and painted the walls. It was so wonderful!! Very excited for you.

  7. This is so exciting! Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

  8. Woohoo!!! Here's to redecorating and making your house a home :) I'm planning on blogging about some changes we've been chewing on over this weekend so come by and check it out if you get a chance. You will l.o.v.e your new sink -- I laughed when you said it was on the bottom of your list. . .sinks are always on the TOP of mine!!! It will be in your future too once you have a nice one you'll never go back. . . .yea FIL! Will check back on your progress. . .have FUN.

  9. Just dropped by for a visit and so enjoyed hearing about your "project." We've had many, many projects in our 38 years of marriage and some have been less stressful than others. :o) All the best and do keep us updated on the progress.

  10. hehe. now it looks even better huh? <3 you!


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