Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Have a Plan

Having a plan is something I think I do well.

Or at least, I thought I did well.

Let me back up.

This weekend I went with our church's youth group on our annual retreat, High Altitude. You can read what my initial post before we left here, or read my good friend Kerri's post about what happened here. Hopefully I'll get some pictures soon (I didn't have my camera, so I'll be facebook stealing them as soon as others post.)

It was everything and more than I expected.

Highlight- one of my favorite high school friends, whom I've known for about four years, decided to accept Christ as her Savior and Lord!!!!! She's been pursuing God for a couple years, but on this retreat acknowledged that she'd never actually given her life to Him and she wanted to put aside her fears, questions, and doubts, and do it. It was beyond awesome!

(Sidenote- I've never been the person to pray for new life with anyone before this time- I wanted to run out of the room we were in whooping and hollering and dancing with excitement- but of course I didn't since she wasn't really quite ready for me to do that- but the next day she let me share it with everyone at our last chapel, and you bet there was some cheering then!!!)

Anyway, the retreat was great- we played, talked, ate, and learned, and did it all some more. But I digress. My point is about on planning.

See, our new Senior Pastor came up on Saturday to talk to the us about three things:

1. growing (by being in the Word)
2. connecting (to others in our circle)
3. serving (those outside our circle)

And with each step, he reminded us that we need to have a plan when it comes to each of these things.

Now, I'm a planner and an organizer and I like to be in control (see my recent revelation on that topic - our pastor is really challenging me- here). I have schedules and order and when I wake up in the morning, I immediately am planning the day.

But when it comes to growing by reading the Word, when it comes to connecting to other people in ways that I need, well, I don't plan that so very well. I'll say, "I need to read more," and that's that. Or I'll say, "I wish my friend so-and-so would call me because I could use some connection time," but I don't call her. Or I'll complain, "There's nowhere for me to really connect at my church," but I won't go to a Bible Study..... well, it turns out folks, I need a plan.

A plan will help me figure out what I really need and want to do.
A plan will help me decide what I most need in my life.
A plan will help me actually follow through on making the necessary changes.

So today, as I'm unwrapping the gift of planning and linking up over at Tuesdays Unwrapped, I'll be thinking about how THESE plans are pretty much way more important than the what's on the menu for this week or how I'll get my grading done.

These plans are going to help my heart.


  1. Our pastor preached something similar. Purposeful planning. God is a God of order, so order in our lives is a reflection of God in our lives. Praying God will direct you to His plans for you.

  2. Indeed it was "Beyond Awesome!" And it is so cool to be planning this new life with Christ! What an incredible message! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Good words, Bethie. Let's plan together.

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